Published on June 20, 2006 By da_zman20 In Dating
At the end of last month I went to Robin's Brothers, which is an engagement ring store franchise here in California. My girlfriend came with me, and picked out exactly the ring she wanted. They made a chart from the begining of our session. They asked if we wanted it silver, or gold, what shape of stone, and how much I could afford. As they filled out the sheet a ring started coming together, and it was exactly what we were looking for. A week later with tears flowing from her eyes as I asked her, she said yes. There have been many times in my life when I never thought I would make it here, but I just wanted to post this blog so that everyone who reads it would know, eventually your life comes together, even if don't see it happening. I don't mean everything is perfect in my life now, but the futute is real, and I can see myself getting there. I don't know where I will work in 10 years, or even what field of work I will be in. But I can finally see that no matter what it will come together. All of times I tried so hard, and thought that my work was in vein, it wasn't. I just couldn't see the changes in my life happening. There was a dark cloud over me, (maybe it's still there sometimes, but that's ok) and it hid all of the positive in my life. The moral of the story is don't ever give up, no matter what, because you can't see the whole picture, until it's finished.
on Jun 22, 2006
Congrats, man. That's pretty cool. Hope everthing turns out wonderful for the both of you!
on Jun 22, 2006
I know how it feels. Best wishes to ya and congrats to you both!
on Jun 22, 2006
Congratulations! I wish you well!
on Jun 22, 2006
thanks guys...
on Jun 23, 2006
Yay! That's great for you two! Congratulations
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